Policy Updates

Sedalia Housing Authority


February 2017


Effective February 1st 2016 The Housing Authority of Sedalia will assess tenant charges based on the following schedule. In accordance with the lease, the Housing Authority of Sedalia will charge residents for items that exceed normal wear and tear, and are the direct result of negligence on part of the resident, his/her family and/or guests.  RESIDENTS ARE NOT BILLED FOR REPAIRS NECESSARY BECAUSE OF NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR.


The following list is not intended to be all-inclusive, items not listed and unlisted damage that is the result of negligence will also be billed to the tenant.  The charge for such items will be determined by the Authority’s actual cost for materials plus the actual cost of labor involved to repair and/or correct the deficiency.  The Regular Hourly Labor Rate Used will be $15.00 per Hour and the After Hours Labor Rate Used will be $22.50 per Hour.




Clean Apartment:

            Studio & One Bedroom                       $125.00

            Two Bedroom                                     $175.00

            Three Bedroom                                   $225.00

            Four Bedroom                                     $275.00

            Five Bedroom                                      $325.00

Itemized Charges for Cleaning

Clean/Defrost Refrigerator                $ 50.00

            Clean Stove/Range                             $ 50.00

            Clean Counters                                   $ 10.00

            Clean Cabinets                                    $ 25.00

            Clean Sink                                           S 10.00

            Clean Tub and Tile                              $ 50.00

            Clean Toilet                                         $ 15.00

            Clean Sink and Vanity                         $ 15.00

Miscellaneous Cleaning

Baseboards, Floors, Doors, Light Fixtures

Windows, Blinds, Walls, Mirrors

Medicine Cabinets, Vacuuming, etc.              $ 25.00 / Hour


Paint Apartment (Prorated Over 5 Years)

            Studio/Efficiency (Pleasant Heights)  $200.00

            One Bedroom:                        $300.00

Two Bedrooms:           $450.00

Three Bedrooms:        $475.00

Four Bedrooms:          $500.00

Five Bedrooms:           $525.0


(If walls have to be cleaned and KILZ applied it will be an additional $75.00 per room)

(Wall Paper Removal $50.00 per Room)


Garbage Removal from unit                           $ 5.00 Per Bag Plus Labor



Furniture Disposal

Mattress                      $30.00

Box Springs                 $30.00

Bed Frame                  $10.00

Television                    $25.00

Couch                          $40.00

Chair-Small                 $20.00

Chair-Large                 $30.00

Table-Small                 $20.00

Table-Large                 $25.00

Desk                            $20.00

Dresser                        $30.00

All other items, end tables, coffee tables, lamps, headboards etc. will be

$15.00 per item.


The Following prices do not reflect labor time which will be charged to the tenant at a rate 0f $15.00 per hour.


Wall Repair: 

Any hole 1 square foot or less will be $25.00, the amount will double per square foot

Corner Guard                          $15.00 each

Miscellaneous Parts:               Cost plus labor


Countertop Replace:

Cost plus Labor


Refrigerator Replace-Cost of Refrigerator Pro-Rated Over 5 Years:

Refrigerator $550.00


Refrigerator Repairs-Parts Cost plus Labor



Range Replace: - Cost of Range Pro-Rated Over 10 Years

30” Gas                                   $450.00


Range Repair-

Drip Pans:  Flat Rate (whether Housing Authority or tenant installs)

            6”                                $2.28 per drip pan

            8”                                $2.65 per drip pan


Storm Door Replace:  Pro-Rated Over 5 Years

            36x80” Bronze                        $132.00


Storm Door Repairs:

            Storm Door Handle     $7.59  

            Storm Door Closer      $12.34

            Storm Door Chain       $2.15  

            Strike Plate                  $1.20  


Interior Door Replace

All Sites

            24x80” Bi-Fold Door               $34.19

            30x80” Bi-Fold Door               $37.43

            36x80” Bi-Fold Door               $41.03

            24x80” Accordion Door          $120.84

            30x80” Accordion Door          $121.09

            42x80” Accordion Door          $139.02

            48x80” Accordion Door          $176.93

            32x95” Accordion Door          $145.81


Exterior Doors: Contractor Costs, Labor and Materials


Door Repair:

            Doorknob Replace (Interior)   $20.00

            Door Lock Replace (Exterior) Cost of Locks Plus Labor

Sliding Door Security Bars                 



Light Bulb Replace (Cost of Bulb plus $1.00 Each Bulb Labor)

            13 Watt Spring Bulb                $3.00

            (Energy Efficient)

            Fluorescent Bulbs                    Costs Vary by Bulb



Light Globe Replace:

            13” Round Globe                     $15.29


Outdoor Light Fixtures           

            Hocker Heights                       $28.85


Bathroom Light Fixtures-All sites       $15.63


Replace Smoke Detector (Tenant damaged or Removed)

            Smoke Alarm with Battery Back Up   $12.50

            Smoke Alarm                                      $ 4.85  


Sink Replace: (Fault of Tenant) Cost plus labor time

            19”x17” Lavatory Sink                        $37.98

            18x20”  Lavatory Sink             $58.21 wall mount

            Kitchen Sink Single                  $70.45

            Kitchen Sink Double                $84.99


Garbage Disposal Replacement/Repair:

 Cost                            $75.00


Stop-ups (Sinks, Toilets, Shower):

Labor time plus any materials used.  If outside contractor required their cost will be charged to the tenant.


Toilet Replace:

                        Toilet Tank                  $36.00

                        Toilet Bowl                  $81.00


Toilet Seat Replace:

                        Elongated Seat            $15.19

                        Regular Seat               $8.79


Bathroom Miscellaneous:

Pop-Up Assembly                                $7.13

Soap Dish                                            $2.37

Toothbrush Holder with Tumbler       $2.71

Handheld Massage Shower Head       $23.80



Stoups (Sinks, Toilets, Shower):

Labor time plus any materials used.  If outside contractor required their cost will be charged to the tenant.


Windows Glass and Patio Door:

Cost plus labor.  If outside contractor required their cost will be charged to the tenant.


Screen Repair: $10.00 plus labor time


Mini Blind Replace: 


            36”x48”                       $5.27

            42”x48”                       $5.99

            23”x64”                       $4.08

            43”x64”                       $7.83

            39”x60”                       $6.31

            35”x48”                       $5.19

            35”x36”                       $4.07

35”x64”                       $6.55


Change Locks on Apartments

(If tenant requests a lock change or fails to return keys upon move out)

Flat Rate for all sites               $40.00




Apartment Door Key:


Mailbox Keys:



Locked Out of Apartments after Business Hours, Weekends or Holidays

            All Sites                       $50.00

Locked Out of Apartments during Business Hours

            All Sites                       $ 5.00


Floor Tile Replace (per tile)    $1.50 plus labor


Bug/Rodent Infestation:

            All Sites                       $50.00

Bedbug Infestation after HA treated and cleared unit

            All Sites           Contractor Costs


Resurfacing of counter tops or bathtubs (damaged caused by tenant)

            All sites            Contractors costs:  labor and materials


If a tenant requests installation of non-standard items they will be charged actual labor cost.  The request must first be deemed reasonable and feasible, with the final determination made by the Housing Authority Management staff.



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